Without You, There is no Us.

This is the core of our business, very literally and most importantly without the relationships, we have cultivated with our clients nearly 20 years, we wouldn’t have had any measure of success. We know without a doubt that if we don’t meet and exceed our client’s needs someone else will.

Customer First Mentality

  • We are ALWAYS glad to hear from you!
  • Doing what is right for you isn’t always selling you the highest priced product.
  • ANYTIME you call, text or email, someone will answer.

Courteous service day or night

Providing you with quality feed products and outstanding customer service is our mission. This means that ANYTIME you call your merchandiser, you will get an answer. It is understood that sometimes answering the phone at 4 am is a prerequisite to providing the level of customer service that stands above ALL of our competition.